General Courses Syllabus

According to the regulations set by the relevant Authorities, the following syllabus for General Courses in the different occupation categories (A, B1, B2) are proposed:

Aviation Legislation (Reference: EASA/CA.IRI Part-66, Appendix I, Module 10)

Regulatory Framework [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 1]

Certifying Staff – Maintenance; Detailed understanding of Part-66  [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 2]

Approved Maintenance Organisations Detailed understanding of Part-145 and Part-M Subpart F [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 2]

Air operations [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 1]

Certification of aircraft, parts and appliances [Cat. B1/B2 in level 1/2; Not Applicable to Cat. A]

Continuing airworthiness [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 2]

Applicable National and International Requirements for (if not superseded by EU/IRAN requirements) [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 1/2]

  1. Human Factors (Reference: EASA/CA.IRI Part-66, Appendix I, Module 9)

General [Cat. A in level 1; Cat. B1/B2 in Level 2]

Human Performance and Limitations [Cat. A in level 1; Cat. B1/B2 in Level 2]

Social Psychology [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 1]

Factors Affecting Performance [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 2]

Physical Environment [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 1]

Tasks [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 1]

Communication [Cat. A/B1/B2 in level 2]

Human Error [Cat. A in level 1; Cat. B1/B2 in Level 2]

Hazards in the Workplace [Cat. A in level 1; Cat. B1/B2 in Level 2]

Safety  Management System

Fuel Tank Safety (Reference: EASA AMC to Part-M; Appendix XII to AMC M.A.706(f) and AMC1 M.B.102(c)- AMC to Part-145: Appendix IV to AMC to 145.A.30(e) and 145.B.10(3))

The theoretical background behind the risk of fuel tank safety

The major accidents related to fuel tank systems, the accident investigations and their conclusions

ignition prevention program initiatives and goals, to identify unsafe conditions and to correct them, to systematically improve fuel tank maintenance

Explain briefly the concepts that are being used: modifications, airworthiness limitations items and CDCCL

Where relevant information can be found and how to use and interpret this information in the various instructions for continuing airworthiness

Fuel Tank Safety during maintenance

Flammability reduction systems when installed

Recording maintenance actions, recording measures and results of inspections

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