Basic B1/B2 Module 1 (Mathematics)-MCQ Set E1-By Arianmaster

(M1.3-Level 1) 1. What is the sine of 0 Deg.?

A. 0

B. +1

C. -1

(M1.3-Level 2) 2. What is the chord length of a rectangle with dimensions of 3 and 4 meters? 

A. 7 meters

B. 12 meters

C. 5 mete

(M1.1-level 2) 3. what is the result of the following expression?    P=4(2(5-1)-3)+8  

A. P=37

B. P=28

C. P=54

(M1.1-level 2) 4. 100000 in binary is what number in decimal?  

A. 16

B. 32

C. 64

(M1.2-level 2) 5. In the following equation, what is X? 5(X-1)=15X-25   

A. X=2

B. X=3/2

C. X=2.4

(M1.3-level 2) 6. If the area of a square with a dimension of T is 144 square centimeters, what is T? 

A. T=16 centimeters

B. T=12 centimeters

C. T= 8 centimeters

(M1.3-level 2) 7. Two angles of a triangle are 68o and 32o.  What is the third angle?

A. 63o

B. 80o

C. 114o

(M1.2-level 2) 8. In the following equations, calculate the value for X? 2X-Y=-4  ;  X+5Y=9  

A. -1

B. 1

C. 2


(M1.2-level 2) 9. What is the simplified form of expression T? T=5(2a-b)+5b-8a  

A. 10a+10b

B. 18a+10b

C. 2a

(M1.1-level 1) 10. What is the square of half of 6?  

A. 36

B. 9

C. 3


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